Armed forces and fitness


A fit person is not only the one who is physically fit but one also has to be mentally fit in order to have a tag of a fit person. The fitness is important for every person irrespective of the field that he/she is in. no matter whether you are an engineer, doctor, pharmacist or anything; you need to be absolutely physically and mentally fit in order to have a well-balanced life. But there are certain fields which are demanding with respect to the fitness and health. Probably the most concerned area/field which demands fitness and health are the armed forces. what experts say about Garcinia Cambogia? –

If we talk about the army then fitness is way too important than anything else. Whenever you go for the test to join army, the first thing that they check is your fitness. They check that whether your height, weight and eyesight are in the range of a fit person or not. If you are not in the range of their requirements then they will straight away ask to leave the ground. Running is first test that they take. Running a 1 mile track in 7.5 minutes is usually what they demand, followed by push-ups, chin-ups and different fitness tests. If you pass through these tests then you will be eligible to qualify for the next round.

As far as the Air force is concerned then you have to be extremely fit as well in order to join this force. If you are looking to join the force as a fighting pilot then there demands are extremely high for the fitness. Eyesight is very important in this regard. Your eyesight needs to be perfect if you want to become a fighter pilot. The tests that are taken in the army are also very important in these forces. These tests are followed by other different tests and colour blindness is very imperative from these tests. If you are colour blind then you will not be eligible to qualify for the next round.

Navy forces also demand a high fitness level for the admission in their forces. Swimming is in itself such a high quality exercise that can make our body extremely fit. And if you don’t know how to swim then you cannot join naval forces, obviously. Well jokes apart, apart from swimming you also need a lot of other sorts of qualities that will make you eligible for these forces.

The fitness level for the armed forces has to be high because of the fact that if you are in the war field and you are left alone in the field then you have to be physically fit in order to survive in those difficulties. There are many problems that are faced by a soldier during a war and if he is not able to rise to the situation then you cannot be a pride for your country.

Armed forces and fitness goes hand in hand. If you are in the army then it will be understood that you are fit person. And if you are not an army man then this does not mean that you don’t have to be physically fit but to spend a quality life, you need to have a good health.